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Brand Quotes

  • " is a fantastic vehicle for allowing press to access high-res images immediately for use in their publications. From speaking to hundreds of media who find the site so useful it would be even more successful if the rest of the High Street retailers were online as well, creating a one-stop shop for the media which is of mutual benefit to all retailers. generates at least 40% to 50% of our editorial coverage on a monthly basis and is a lifesaver for the regional press who use all the time."”


    Press Office, London UK October 2013

  • "I was intrigued and fascinated by the thought of the press being able to access our latest fashion images but not sure how it would work when we first went on to PRShots, but I am delighted to say it has more than exceeded all my expectations. Especially with journalists that I do not have daily contact and do not know me, but also for journalists who are working with me all the time. It has taken a huge load of my back and left me time to try and develop the brand even more. Also PRShots, whenever I have had to contact them, have been brilliant - quick and resourceful with solutions to any problems."”


    Press Office, Primark Worldwide

  • "We find invaluable to us and have seen a definite rise in press coverage from using this site over the past 6 months. The team are super efficient and always cater to our needs with true professionalism."”

    Marks & Spencer

    Press Office, LONDON