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Technical and Product Support

How do I list my brand?

If you'd like to get your brand listed on PRShots you need to contact our sales team. Please see our contact details page for email and phone numbers

What is the best way to get immediate support for PRShots?

Please email which is regularly monitored by all of our support team even during weekends and evenings. If you email your account manager or other PRShots contact they may not be able to get back to you straight away. During office hours please contact +44 (0)845 226 0435 if you need telephone support.

How do I upload my pictures?

You need to be registered with PRShots as brand to upload images (see our sales team for that Once registered, just click on the File upload button in your management console. You can upload from any browser. The modern browsers will allow you just to drag and drop images from a folder.

Which Image formats do you accept?

You can upload Jpegs, preferably RGB, directly to PressArea. If you have other formats just give us a call on 0845 226 0435. We can nearly always accommodate

What size do my images have to be?

Preferably as big as possible. But PRshots sets a minimum standard of A5 at 300dpi. For a RGB image this equates to about 12.4Mb image size. Please note - this is NOT the same as file size (See below)

How can I find out my image size?

If your images are too small we put the image on hold so they are not displayed live while we try and fix the images. By clicking on the Archive Manager > Image Upload Status > you can see the exact status of your images and the image size. If the image is on-hold it will be marked pending. We typically process images the same day.

What is the difference between image size and file size?

The image size gives you an indication of the actual print size. The File size is not a useful measurement as it is influenced by the type of compression used on the image.

I’ve had my image used in the press and PRShots is still rejecting them. Why is this?

Our aim is to get your images the maximum distribution and circulation they deserve. If the image is used at a small size sometimes a publication can get away with a smaller image size. However, by standardising on A5, your image will be able to be used by most editorial art desks for the widest possible usage.

Why do I have to add prices and Keywords for my images?

The press are often on very tight deadlines and may not use your images simply because the prices or other credits are missing, so they can’t use them in the publication. They very often won’t call you to let you know this is the case. You just won’t ever maximise your converage.

How do I see whose downloaded my pictures?

We have comprehensive download reports to monitor all the editorial usage. Just click on the reports section of your archive management tool.

How do I create an interactive look book?

Just email with the PDF of the lookbook, and we will make it interactive for you, so that the press can simply select the image they want, and download the high-res image right from the lookbook.

PRShots Benefits

Why should I list my brand with PRShots?

PRShots allows a busy press department to automate the daily chore of sending our and distributing media assets. The press have used PRShots for 15 years as a reliable source of high-quality images, and they tend to visit PRShots week-in week-out to use material directly in their copy. Smaller brands benefit from the fact that the brand is constantly exposed to over 50,000 press and you're press pick up will increase as a result of your listing.

How Effective is PRShots?

We generate on average one piece of press coverage every 30 seconds in areas of the media controlled by you. Some of our brands achieve over 5000 downloads per month. These go on to feature in national, regional, trade, consumer and online press, and generate editorial value in excess of £4m per month.

How do I start as a brand with PRShots?

If you'd like to get your brand listed on PRShots you need to contact our sales team. Please see our contact details page for email and phone numbers