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Partner Testimonials




" is a fantastic vehicle for allowing press to access high-res images immediately for use in their publications. From speaking to hundreds of media who find the site so useful it would be even more successful if the rest of the High Street retailers were online as well, creating a one-stop shop for the media which is of mutual benefit to all retailers. generates at least 40% to 50% of our editorial coverage on a monthly basis and is a lifesaver for the regional press who use all the time."

- Debenhams



"Our image library is an important part of our product placement strategy. The ease and simplicity of use for journalists ensures that our coverage levels across national, regional, and international media remain consistently high."




"I have been impressed, you can track the coverage from the journalist downloading to the article and the results are fantastic!"

- TU at Sainsbury's




"Having taken up on their offer of a free evaluation mid-late last year and consequently commencing an account on an ongoing basis, I can thoroughly recommend the service, in particular for the boost it has given our regional coverage. The service is very efficiently run with regular and timely reminders when updates are due, and images can be loaded direct which means it is easy and quick to keep up to date. has given us a time efficient tool to increase coverage and complement our in-house department!"

- Land's End




"We think is a tremendous tool to help generate additional coverage. Not only is it convenient for the media to use, but it has developed so much since we first started working with the brand, that it now reaches every area of the media. We encourage all our new clients to enrol with the company."

- Stephanie Churchill PR




"I was intrigued and fascinated by the thought of the press being able to access our latest fashion images but not sure how it would work when we first went on to PRshots, but I am delighted to say it has more than exceeded all my expectations. Especially with journalists that I do not have daily contact and do not know me, but also for journalists who are working with me all the time. It has taken a huge load of my back and left me time to try and develop the brand even more. Also PRshots, whenever I have had to contact them, have been brilliant - quick and resourceful with solutions to any problems."

- Primark

The Body Shop



" has been a valued member of the PR team for many years. Not only does it make sense environmentally, it also allows a press office to work more efficiently as both time and expense are reduced by not having to send out discs; gives flexibility to journalists as not reliant on office hours to gain information and imagery and doesn't clog either your system or the recipient's when trying to send large files. Another bonus with the site is that it hosts many leading brands making it a great destination site and research engine tool for forthcoming product and feature pages."

- The Body Shop

Marks & Spencer



"We find invaluable to us and have seen a definite rise in press coverage from using this site over the past 6 months. The team are super efficient and always cater to our needs with true professionalism."

- Marks and Spencer




"We have been using across the Austin Reed Group to target specific regional and national titles for over 3 years now. It is an absolute must-have for every press office, an essential PR tool which offers a quick and easy way to reach freelance and regional press in particular. I honestly don't know how I could achieve the same results without it!"

- The Austin Reed Group


Austin Reed Group


"As a recent convert to, and not the most IT literate person in the world I am amazed how simple versatile and effective is as a means of getting my high resolution images to the people who need an instant! I can even see who is downloading them in real time from my laptop...brilliant!"

- Associated British Foods PLC




"PR Shots is the perfect tool to communicate our press material to regional press on a regular basis and ensures that our coverage levels remain consistently high. It's simple to upload and easy to download, saving time for all parties involved."

- Office




"We have a small team at Schuh so are invaluable to us. It allows us to showcase new styles to a wide variety of media and have resulted in some great coverage for us. The system is quick and easy to use and the team are helpful and friendly-even if you ask stupid questions which believe me I have!"

- Schuh


How do I list my brand?

If you'd like to get your brand listed on PRShots you need to contact our sales team. Please see our contact details page for email and phone numbers.