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About Us


PRShots is the leading royalty-free image library dedicated to serving the press



Here are just some of the things we can do at PRShots for brands:


  • Host and distribute all of your publicity material to the press of your choice worldwide.


  • Massively increase the effectiveness of your PR effort, with direct access to over 50,000 international writers, bloggers and designers.


  • Generate on average one piece of press coverage every 30 seconds in areas of the media controlled by you. Some of our brands achieve over 5000 downloads per month. These go on to feature in national, regional, trade, consumer and online press, and generate editorial value in excess of £4 million per month.


That's why over 50% of the major High Street brands and retailers, including the likes of Marks & Spencers, Debenhams, Arcadia, Next, and Ted Baker, already rely on PRShots to maximise their media coverage.


PRShots works because it was created by a team of journalists and PR professionals, who understood first-hand the frustration caused by picture distribution.

The solution was simple: A single source of PR photography from numerous leading companies on one website, which can be downloaded as and when the press need them - even if it's the middle of the night- because deadlines wait for no-one. (And PRs do need to sleep at some point.)

So in 1998 was created...and yes, it took at least five minutes to decide on the name!

Here are a few more of the benefits, for press and brands, of using PRShots:


  • Every image is checked by our in-house specialists to ensure it is of print-quality, so journalists know they can use any image immediately, and at any size.


  • Captions are added to images, so there's no chasing for prices, stockist numbers or other niggly details.


  • A picture-led article that takes a week to research using conventional methods can be compiled in minutes using just one search on With the added bonus that journalists are likely to discover some new brands while they're searching.


  • Images can be downloaded at any time, from anywhere in the world.


  • We keep a record of all the downloads, so you will know exactly who is using your images. And with our new feedback tool, journalists can let you know exactly how the image is being used. Which will save you phoning them on deadline to ask, which in turn will stop them shouting at you.


Availability is in many cases the reason why some companies get coverage and others don't. ensures your images have got a better than fighting chance of being featured in thousands of titles. Which can only be good for business.

If you are a brand owner call us now on 0845 226 0435 for a no-obligation, evaluation trial.


Why do we do this?


Because we know that once you see the coverage your brand receives over this period, and start to benefit from the hours freed up for other work, you'll never want to leave us.



Jez MacBean - PRShots Founder


Following a career as a freelance journalist, designer and contract publisher on titles ranging from Just 17 to The New York Times, Jez founded the PRShots service in 1998 to help follow journalists source high-resolution images.



The idea was to try to make fellow journalists lives a whole lot easier

and to make sure PRs never missed an opportunity by aggregating high quality, print-ready images in a single library.





Layla Maan - Business Development


Layla has worked in media for 13 years, and it seems just like yesterday for all her colleagues. 


She spent over 5 years at The Express newspapers and OK! Magazine as deputy ad manager.


She loves spicy food and talking - often at the same time.  Known as a “Pocket Rocket”.


You have been warned.



Suzy Finnerty - Business Development


Suzy began her career in eyewear at Luxottica and after 15 years moved on to working with high end luxury brands like Chloe and enjoyed the benefits that came with it.. 


She started at PRshots over 3 years ago but it feels like 10 years. As Suzy says "everyone has been very welcoming and I truly believe Sahiba is my lucky charm. And when it comes to spicy food, believe me, I can give Layla a run for her money."





Sahiba Sethi  - Account Support


Sahiba began her fashion career in 2007 working out of a dark broom cupboard, and had to keep convincing her parents she was not in fact sold into slavery.


When finally released for good behaviour she worked for a range of luxury and consumer publications such as Good Housekeeping, Red, and Harper’s Bazaar India.


Her experience has also spanned across PR in various boutique agencies. Her specialisations include marketing & communications and trend analysis.

Sahiba loves a tidy desk.




David Smith - Director

David Smith Director PressArea



Dave Joined Jez on in 2005 and helped the business grow 1000% in three years.

Before he ran the UK operation for and held commercial and management positions at The industry Standard, DoubleClick, PC Direct at Ziff-Davis/ZD Net and way back when everything was analogue he was deputy Ad manager on Emap's flagship title Drapers Record.



List your brand on PRShots

If you'd like to get your brand listed on PRShots you need to contact our sales team. Please see our contact details page for email and phone numbers.